Cocaine Test Kits: A 2019 Buyer’s Guide

Worried that your cocaine has been cut? Want to know how to test cocaine purity at home? Read on for in-depth reviews of cocaine identification, purity, and cuts test kits.
Last Modified: February 07, 2019

When you purchase cocaine – especially when you make purchases from random dealers – you run the risk of handing over your cash for something that looks like cocaine when in reality, it contains very little or none of the drug at all. At best, you’ve wasted your money. At worst, the substance in the bag could cause dangerous effects or even death.

That’s where cocaine test kits come into play. They come in three types: cocaine identification test kits, cocaine purity test kits, and cocaine cuts test kits. Cocaine identification test kits simply detect the presence of cocaine or crack in a substance. Cocaine purity tests give you an idea of how pure a cocaine sample is. The most detailed tests – cocaine cuts test kits – provide information about what kind of substances your cocaine has been cut with.

For those who would like to test their cocaine’s purity at home, cocaine test kits provide an affordable and easy way to get quick answers. With so many choices on the market, it can be challenging to figure out which ones to buy. This is why it’s helpful to understand the different types of cocaine test kits and how they work, as well as which brands have the best cocaine test kits of 2019.

Types of Cocaine Test Kits

Cocaine testing kits aren’t one-size-fits-all. They come in different types, and like all drug test kits, each type of cocaine test kit is used for a specific purpose. As you research which one to buy, here are the main categories you’ll find:

  • Cocaine Identification Kits: These cocaine test kits simply give you a yes/no answer as to whether a substance contains cocaine. They won’t give you any indication of how pure your cocaine is or whether there are additional substances cut into it.
  • Cocaine Purity Test Kits: If your sample does contain cocaine, this type of drug test kit will let you know how pure the cocaine is. Even high-quality cocaine isn’t going to be 100% pure, but performing this test kit will give you a good indication of whether or not you’re getting ripped off with a substance that contains very little actual cocaine.
  • Cocaine Cuts Test Kits: If a sample does contain cocaine, but you suspect it’s been mixed with something else, how can you know for sure? Use a cocaine cuts test kit. It will give you a good indication of what other substances might be cut into your coke.

Beyond the basic cocaine cuts test kits, you may also use Marquis, Mecke, and Mandelin test kits to further screen your drugs and make sure they haven’t been cut with unwanted ingredients.

Investing the time and money to test your drugs before ingesting them can save you from wasting money on counterfeits, getting sick from taking unknown ingredients, or having a life-threatening reaction. Before choosing a test, it’s useful to know about the different types of cocaine test kits and how they work, as well  as which brands are the most reliable and user-friendly.

The Best Cocaine Test Kits of 2019

If you’re responsible enough to take the time to test your drugs, you want to make sure your tests are accurate. It’s essential that they be of the highest quality, as well as straightforward and easy to use.

With a large number of drug testing kits to choose from, knowing what products you can trust can be challenging. There are a lot of cocaine test kits on the market in 2019, but certain manufacturers and  products are absolute standouts in terms of accuracy, price, and ease of use.

Cocaine Identification Test Kits

The first review category will be cocaine identification test kits. The most straightforward of all the cocaine test kit options, these tests simply provide a yes/no answer after analyzing a sample for the presence of cocaine. Those hoping to test their cocaine’s purity at home or who would like to know what their cocaine has been cut with should move on to the other categories on the list.

TestKitPlus Cocaine/Crack Test Kit

This cocaine test makes it simple to detect the presence of cocaine in any sample. Each test is a self-contained ampoule with the testing chemicals already included inside. Simply tap the ampoule against a hard surface to knock the granules to the bottom of the container, then snap off the top. Use the provided spatula to insert a sample and wait for the color of the contents to change. Check the results against the Cocaine/Crack ID Test Color Reaction Result guide included with the test to see if there is any cocaine in your sample.

TestKitPlus indicates that if the granules inside the ampoule come into contact with skin or clothing, the area should be thoroughly rinsed.

Each TestKitPlus Cocaine/Crack Test Kit comes with 10 cocaine/crack identification tests.

EZTestKits Cocaine/Crack Test Kit

Like the previous kit, the EZ-Test Cocaine/Crack Test Kit also gives a color-coded yes/no answer to the question of whether or not cocaine or crack is present in a sample. To find out more about purity or other cutting agents, you’ll need to use a test kit from one of the other sections in our 2019 buying guide.

Using an EZTestKits cocaine test kit is simple: just crack open the top of the ampoule and place a small amount of sample inside. Replace the plastic lid and shake before watching for a color change – which will indicate the presence of cocaine, crack, MDPV, or 5-MeO-MiPT.

EZTestKits come in either single kit packages or 10-kit bundles. If you need to test substances frequently, the 10-kit bundle is the more affordable option.

Note: Both test kit brands will react when exposed to MDPV and 5-MeO-MiPT, substances that are commonly used to cut cocaine. The color change is the same whether the test detects cocaine or either of these two cutting agents. That’s why it’s helpful to follow up with a Marquis test (which will turn yellow to indicate MDPV) or an Ehrlich test (which will turn lavender to indicate 5-MeO MiPT).

Cocaine Purity Test Kits

Next are reviews of the best cocaine purity test kits of 2019. These take at-home cocaine testing to the next level by telling you not only if cocaine is present in a sample, but also giving you an idea of how pure that cocaine is. This is key to not getting ripped off, as well as staying safe by not ingesting unknown substances. If you’d like to know what specific substances were used to cut your cocaine, move on to the next section, Cocaine Cuts Test Kits.

Street cocaine typically rates at around 20 to 30% pure, but it’s impossible to tell by looking at it or even trying a sample (due to the many effect enhancers often used to cut the product). That’s why cocaine purity test kits make sense.

TestKitPlus Cocaine Purity Test Kit

For our first review of the best cocaine purity test kits, let’s take a look at what TestKitPlus has to offer. They provide a professional, yet easy-to-use way to test your cocaine at home and quickly determine its purity.

TestKitPlus suggests using a portable digital scale to weigh out your sample, as placing more than 20 mg of material in the testing ampoule is likely to skew the results. (Make sure to thoroughly clean the scale after use to prevent contamination during future testing.) After breaking open the ampoule and putting the included buffer solution inside, use the spatula to put the sample inside. Put the top on the ampoule and give it one quick, hard shake before waiting for the liquid to change colors.

The stronger the color change, the greater the purity of the sample. Dark brown, coffee-colored test liquid, for example, indicates cocaine that’s as high as 90% pure, while liquid that barely changes colors has low levels of cocaine (or possibly none at all).

The company suggests testing samples from different sources all at the same time. This makes it easier to compare results. You can also take photos of cocaine purity test results (using the same lighting and same camera each time) in order to compare past and future results.
Each TestKitPlus Cocaine Purity Test Kit comes with enough supplies to conduct 10 tests – so just one package gives you an ample supply.

EZTestKits Cocaine Purity Test Kit

The EZ-Test Cocaine Purity Test also provides results based on a potential color change, with a stronger color change indicating a more pure sample and a less dramatic color change occurring if the sample is less pure.

One of the reasons the EZTestKits brand of cocaine purity tests made the list of top cocaine test kits to buy in 2019 is because it’s incredibly easy to use. Unlike the previous kit, this model doesn’t require the use of a scale. Instead, carefully measure your sample into the red field on the included instruction leaflet. This will give you the approximately 10 mg needed for an accurate test. Then add the contents of both tubes to the testing bottle, where you’ll note a greenish layer beginning to form at the top. Add your sample, close the bottle, and shake it for 2 seconds before watching for a color change.

In addition to the single-pack cocaine purity tests, EZTestKits also offers a 10-test-kit package.

Cocaine Cuts Test Kits

While cocaine purity test kits provide a clear picture of product purity, if the purity level is low, they don’t indicate what (besides cocaine) is in it. That’s where cocaine cuts test kits come in. With so many unwanted and potentially dangerous chemicals being used to increase the drug’s weight, as well as enhance its effects, knowing what’s in your product could prevent a nasty experience or even save your life.

It’s important to understand that while cocaine cuts test kits do monitor for cutting agents, they provide no indication of cocaine purity. Uncut cocaine will not react at all with these tests.

This next section will feature reviews of the best cocaine cuts test kits of 2019.

TestKitPlus Cocaine Cuts Test Kit

The standard TestKitPlus Cocaine Cuts Test Kit comes with 10 cocaine cutting tests. Each test comes with an ampoule and a spatula for putting a sample inside.

The testing liquid in the ampoule will start out golden yellow. Once you’ve mixed the sample in, wait approximately 10 seconds for a color change to begin. This test kit will react to levamisole, acetaminophen/paracetamol, phenacetin, aspirin, Vitamin C, ephedrine (HCL), lidocaine, benzocaine, and procaine, with various color changes to indicate which ingredient was detected.

The cocaine cuts test kits from TestKitPlus are incredibly easy to use and test for a wide variety of cutting agents. Each kit includes 10 cocaine cutting tests.

EZTestKits Cocaine Cuts Test Kits

Available in both single-pack and 10-pack, EZTestKits provides a cutting agent testing option that’s simple and straightforward. This brand tests for three of the most common cutting agents: levamisole, phenacetin, and ephedrine.

Simply break the top of the ampoule off and place a sample inside. Cap the ampoule and shake it before monitoring it for a color change. The color of the liquid inside should be compared to the included chart in order to determine which cutting agent could be present in your sample.

EZTestKits Benzo Testing Kit

Cocaine manufacturers also often use benzodiazepines such as diazepam to cut their product. Because the other cocaine cuts test kits don’t test for benzos, it’s an excellent idea to purchase a few benzo testing kits to expand your testing capabilities.

Like the cocaine cuts test kits, EZTestKits benzo test kits come in single-use packs or packs of 10. Once the sample has been placed in the ampoule, a color change will indicate not just the presence of any benzo; it will also indicate what type has been detected.

For Even Better Screening

To further test your drugs, there are three additional tests you can use to rule out specific ingredients that aren’t covered by the tests mentioned above. They are:

Marquis Reagent Test Kits: Primarily used to screen ecstasy, Marquis test kits look for MDMA-type ingredients, as well as other ingredients that are commonly used as adulterants. This test reacts to amphetamines, DXM, 2C-B, MDPV, and other ingredients.

Mecke Test Kits: This test is used to identify opiates and 2c-T-x compounds that may have been mixed into a substance.

Mandelin Test Kits: A Mandelin test kit will help you identify or rule out PMA, PMAA, amphetamines, MDxx, specific opiates, as well as 2C-type chemicals.

Both EZTestKits and TestKitPlus sell Marquis, Mecke, and Mandelin drug test kits. As with the other cocaine test kits, the ones sold by EZTestKits are more simple and straightforward to use, while TestKitPlus sells theirs in a form that’s more like the supplies used in professional drug testing labs.

TestKitPlus also sells Marquis, Mecke, and Mandelin drug test kits in bundles: a 3-in-1 bundle that includes those three, as well as a complete drug test kit bundle that also includes fluid for the Ehrlich test and the Folin test.

A Bit About the Manufacturers

TestKitPlus and EZTestKits frequently do well in reviews of the best cocaine test kits of 2019? This is because both companies recognize that their customers are putting a lot of trust in their test kits and are dedicated to keeping people safe.


For years, TestKitPlus has worked with harm reduction organizations, medical centers, and even government agencies such as the Pentagon and police in order to provide substance testing. Now, their mobile test kits provide individuals with an easy and affordable way for people to test their drugs in the privacy of their homes.

TestKitPlus understands that most drug users aren’t addicted and only use recreationally. As such, their goal is to promote safety through reducing harm, and they do this by empowering individuals to educate themselves about what’s in their drugs. Their website is full of helpful tips about how to get the most accurate results from their test kits, as well as information about the types of ingredients their kits test for.

TestKitPlus is based in Canada and ships their products worldwide in discreet packaging.


EZTestKits is also a leader in the drug testing kit world, having sold them for over 8 years. As the first company to sell drug test kits for home use, EZTestKits has worked to educate society about the dangers posed by drug contamination. Their tests are incredibly simple with no fuss or frills.

EZTestKits is headquartered in Great Britain. They ship their products worldwide, packaged in unmarked bubble wrap envelopes with no visible branding.

In short, both of these companies got into this business because they believe knowledge is power and they want to give people the ability to know exactly what they’re putting into their bodies. Their products are high quality, easy to use, and deliver reliable results.

Why Do I Need to Test My Cocaine?

There are a multitude of reasons why buying drug test kits is a good idea. Among them? Rotting flesh, a chemical form of AIDS, organ damage, strokes, and even death are a few of the potential effects caused by substances often used to cut cocaine. These days, manufacturers looking to stretch their profits by mixing in other ingredients are more common than ever.

Still not sure that using a cocaine test kit is worth the investment? Let’s look closer at what might be in that baggie you’re holding and learn about what it could do to your body.

One of the reasons to test your drugs is to avoid experiencing a bad trip or different kind of high than you desire. Especially if you’re new to cocaine, it’s a good idea to understand how the drug should affect you when taken in its most pure state. This includes understanding what a cocaine high feels like to most people, as well as having a clear understanding of any potential side effects.

Ever succeed at a huge accomplishment and feel like you’re walking on air afterwards? Cocaine stimulates the same reward centers in the brain and gives you a similar euphoric feeling. It’ll also greatly increase your self confidence, making you feel as though you can do anything, whether it’s performing a backflip or talking to that sexy person across the room. Speaking of talking to people, you’ll be doing a lot of that while you’re high on coke because it will also make you incredibly sociable.

Cocaine is a stimulant, and it increases your heart rate and your rate of breathing, as well as your blood pressure and body temperature. This can make you feel hyper-stimulated, excited, and even anxious, paranoid, or irritable. Unfortunately, cocaine is damaging to the tissues of the nose (if it’s sniffed) and the respiratory system (if it’s smoked). It can also cause abscesses and infectious diseases if it’s injected. Taking it greatly increases your risk of heart problems, seizures, and death.

That being said, if you’re going to take cocaine, you should do it as responsibly as possible. Here are some of the common ingredients that are often cut into or substituted for cocaine. By buying and using cocaine test kits, you can help ensure that you get the effects you expect – with no nasty surprises.

Test for Levamisole

One of the most common ingredients used to cut cocaine, levamisole is a veterinary drug commonly used to kill parasitic worms in cattle. Why on earth is it ending up in cocaine, then? Because it’s more costly than other adulterants, the answer seems to be either because levamisole causes effects similar to amphetamines or because it increases the level of dopamine in the brain (therefore increasing the effect of the cocaine).

While either of those may seem like desirable side effects, the longterm effects for regular users are anything but desirable. Levamisole can cause agranulocytosis, an AIDS-like condition that causes a person’s immune system to crash. Suddenly, the smallest scratch can turn into a life-threatening infection.

The chemical also attacks the blood vessels that feed the skin, causing the flesh to die and morph into horrifying lesions. In addition to turning users into walking zombies, levamisole can cause strokes and even end-organ damage. Despite its enhancement of the cocaine rush, levamisole is a truly dangerous cutting agent, indeed – which is why it’s best to use a cocaine cuts testing kit to rule it out.

Rule out Various Anesthetics

Benzocaine, lidocaine, procaine. While you may think of these as a medication the dentist might use to numb your mouth before a procedure or something you’d spray on to tame a sunburn, cocaine manufacturers think of them as a way to stretch their product – and their profits. The various “-caines” all numb your lips and tongue in a similar way to cocaine, making them the perfect bulking agent to fool a buyer doing a taste test.

Check for Painkillers

Aspirin, acetaminophen/paracetamol, and phenacetin are all white and crystalline when in powder form, making them look nearly identical to cocaine. Like the anesthetics, they’re incredibly affordable and easy to get. Unfortunately, some of the painkillers used as cutting agents aren’t entirely safe. Phenacetin, for example, is not safe to breathe in or take orally. In fact, it was banned by the US Food and Drug Administration in 1983 due to its carcinogenic properties.

Screen for Stimulants

Ephedrine and caffeine are also commonly used to cut cocaine. They can create unpleasant side effects such as anxiety, jitteriness, tightness in the chest, and paranoia – markedly different from the relaxed, confident high created by high-quality cocaine. Ephedrine also increases the toxic effects of the cocaine.

Identify the Presence of Adulterants

Besides all of the typical substitutes and effect enhancers, cocaine manufacturers also toss in random ingredients in order to add weight to their product. Some of these additives include Mannitol, laundry detergent, laxatives, and boric acid.

An adulterant valued for its anti-caking properties, Mannitol is especially dangerous for those with heart problems, as well as issues with their kidneys, brain, or lungs. Laxatives come with obvious issues, while boric acid is a dangerous poison often used to ant and rodent pesticides. And although it’s not as dangerous as some of the other ingredients we’ve discussed, no one wants to pay to ingest laundry powder.

TestKitPlus Cocaine Drug Test Kits:
EZ-Test Cocaine Drug Test Kits:

Cocaine Test Kits: In Closing…

When it comes to cocaine, what’s in the mix really matters. To find the highest-quality drugs, you need to buy the best-quality cocaine testing kits. Now that you know how easy it is to test your cocaine’s purity at home, why not start doing it? In the least, it’s helpful to use a basic cocaine test kit to at least confirm that your sample isn’t a mixture of lidocaine and laundry detergent. Especially if you use frequently, it’s best to do a full spectrum of testing – using cocaine purity test kits and cocaine cuts testing to fully understand what substances are present in your product. Reading up on reviews of the best cocaine test kits of 2019 will empower you to use safely and with full knowledge of what’s in your product.

To quickly find the cocaine test kits you need, refer to the list below. It’s a compilation of the various cocaine testing products made by TestKitPlus and EZ Test Kits, two of the most reputable and reliable companies in the drug test kit industry. TestKitPlus products are more professional, while EZ Test Kit specializes in compact and portable test phials that can be easily slipped in a purse or pocket. Both companies ship worldwide.

Buy Online – Cocaine Test Kits:

Cocaine Identification Test Kits:

Cocaine Purity Test Kits:

Cocaine Cuts Test Kits:

  • TestKitPlus Cocaine Cuts Test Kit – Levamisole, Phenacentine, Ephedrine & more. 10 Tests per Pack.
  • EZ-Test Cocaine Cuts Test Kit – Levamisole, Phenacentine & Ephedrine. 10 Tests per Pack.
  • EZ-Test Cocaine Benzodiazepines Cuts Test Kit – Valium, Rohypnol (Flunitrazepam), Nitrazepam & Flurazepam. 10 Tests per Pack.
  • Marquis, Mecke & Mandelin Tests – Read below under “MDMA / Ecstasy Drug Test Kits”.

Marquis Test Kits:

  • TestKitPlus Marquis Test Kit – MDMA/MDA/MDE, (Meth)Amphetamine, 2C-B/C/I/DOB/DOI, DXM, Bath Salts, Opiates & more. 50/100 Tests per Pack.
  • EZ-Test Marquis Test Kit – MDMA/MDA/MDE, (Meth)Amphetamine, 2C-B/C/I/DOB/DOI, DXM, Bath Salts, Opiates & more. 10 Tests per Pack.

Opiates (Mecke) Test Kits:

Ketamin/PMA (Mandelin) Test Kits:

TestKitPlus Drug Tests Bundles:

Using any sort of illegal drugs is not recommended; some substances may be damaging to your health. The information presented here is for educational purposes only.


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