Higher Standards Online Headshop: A 2022 Review

An in-depth review of the glass aficionado smoke shop — Higher Standards. From Higher Standards glass collection to in-demand collabs, you’ll discover if this smoke shop is worth your time and money in 2022.

Since 2017, Based in New York City, NY, USA
Shipping to USA and Canada
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98 / 100
Customer Service
94 / 100
Shipping Range
100 / 100
Stealth Shipping
97 / 100
Product Quality
98 / 100
Product Selection
92 / 100
Payment Methods
90 / 100
96 / 100

If you enjoy top-shelf buds and golden globs of high-end concentrates, you’ll need an equally high-quality glass piece to boot.

Higher Standards is that type of headshop — nothing but boutique-grade glass and accessories for an epic smoke or dab sesh. If you find yourself wondering if Higher Standards’ products are durable or how long the warranty period lasts, you’ve come to the right place.

Below, you’ll find our in-depth review on Higher Standards to get to the bottom of their brand. From pricing to product quality, you’ll discover everything you need to know about Higher Standards and whether they are worth the hype.

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About Higher Standards Smoke Shop

Higher Standards launched its brand in 2017 in New York City.

From the start, Higher Standards sought to separate itself from the rest of the smoke shops in town. Instead of a dime-a-dozen smoke shop, Higher Standards made it clear that they would only sell high-end glass that would meet the demands of NYC’s cannabis connoisseurs.

After much success, Higher Standards branched out across NYC from its original location in the Chelsea Market. Since then, Higher Standards has reached beyond NYC by opening its online head shop.

Higher Standards’ Product Selection

When it comes to connoisseur-grade head shops like Higher Standards — we don’t expect to see hundreds or thousands of products on the menu for sale.

Higher Standards is a niche shop that offers limited runs on glass, collaborations, and other high-end products. Although we’re happy to see so many intriguing products, it does limit who can buy them.

From eye-opening collaborations to heavy-duty glass, Higher Standards’ products are a testament to cannabis culture. Below, we’ll list each notable product category that Higher Standards offers.

Heavy-Duty Glass

When it comes to smoking dank buds — nothing provides silky-smooth smoke and a mouthful of terpenes like borosilicate glass.

Higher Standards produces heavy-duty glass made from 100% borosilicate, making them durable and pleasing to the eye. From beaker bongs to oil rigs, Higher Standards offers an ample selection of heavy-duty glass for sale, such as:

Hemp Wraps and Cones

There’s nothing like tasting top-shelf weed during a smoke sesh.

However, the ritual behind hemp wraps and cones goes further than heady glass. The process of grinding marijuana and packing or rolling it into a wrap is an unparalleled experience that soothes the mind, body, and soul.

Luckily, Higher Standards produces their own line of rolling papers, such as:


Higher Standards is known to collaborate with local and well-known glass artists.

From top-shelf glass to torches, Higher Standards always offers various collaboration-inspired products that’ll push your smoke sesh to the next level. Collaborations are typically limited in number, thus propelling these products into collector territory.

Collaborations are exciting products that allow two brands to connect to create something entirely new, such as:

Apparel and Lifestyle

Unlike other online smoke shops, Higher Standards produces apparel and lifestyle products.

Lifestyle products, such as clothing, are essential for digging into cannabis culture. In our view, cannabis isn’t just a product — it’s a way of life.

Below, we’ll list a few examples of lifestyle products that you’ll find at Higher Standards.

Smoking Accessories

No online smoke shop would last a day in the industry without an ample selection of smoking accessories for sale.

Higher Standards appears to carry a wide range of accessories that make the overall experience smoother. From cleaning products to heavy-duty grinders, Higher Standards separates the wheat from the chaff with their accessories selection, such as:

Higher Standard’s Product Quality

With a name like Higher Standards — we expect nothing but fire in terms of product quality.

Overall, we’re impressed by Higher Standards’ commitment to quality control. Specifically, Higher Standards only retails its own products.

In other words, you will not find the typical quality of ROOR or other name brands. Instead, Higher Standards only sells Higher Standards.

In this case, product quality is very difficult to hide because all products at Higher Standards are in-house. Luckily, Higher Standards does itself justice by raising the bar with each product they offer.

Below, we’ll briefly provide examples of Higher Standards’ products and their overall quality.

Higher Standards Heavy Duty Spoon

Higher Standards’ Heavy Duty Spoon offers a rock-solid build and effortless style.

The simple yet elegant design offers huge tokes of thick smoke while affording enough room for big smoke seshes. Hit after hit, it’s clear that Higher Standards’ Heavy Duty Spoon is nothing short of quality.

Overall, this Heavy Duty Spoon is made from thick borosilicate glass that won’t break if you have butter fingers.

Higher Standards Heavy Duty Rig

Every cannabis enthusiast needs a rig — especially if you consider yourself a dab connoisseur.

The entire experience surrounding Higher Standards’ Heavy Duty Rig is phenomenal. From the intricate glass blowing technique to the overall robust feel, this Rig is clearly a cut above the rest.

Additionally, the Heavy Duty Rig comes supplied with an impeccable quartz nail and a durable collectors case to protect your glass.

Everything exudes quality, convincing us that Higher Standards’ Heavy Duty Rig isn’t just talk — it’s legit.

Aerospaced Grinders

Higher Standards makes their own line of cannabis grinders — Aerospaced.

As the name implies, the overall material and feel are certainly engineered at a high level. From its ability to fine grind marijuana to catching kief, the Aerospaced Grinder is a godsend for cannabis enthusiasts that require the perfect grind consistency.

Ultimately, Aerospaced Grinders are made from aircraft-grade aluminum, giving us enough confidence to use them repeatedly.

The Prices at Higher Standards

Next, let’s talk about the Benjamins.

No one disputes paying top dollar when it comes to buying high-end smoking gear. However, all online smoke shops need to provide competitive prices or suffer the consequences.

In our experience, Higher Standards offers competitive to expensive pricing given the nature of their wares — high-end smoking glass and accessories. In our opinion, this increases the barrier to entry for enthusiasts without the financial means to buy high-priced glass.

Below, we’ll provide insight into Higher Standards’ pricing by providing brief examples.

Higher Standards Premium Hemp Wraps

Higher Standards retails their Premium Hemp Wraps for $35.

Considering there are 50 Premium Hemp Wraps per package — each wrap comes out to $1.40. Compared to other high-end hemp wrap brands, such as High Hemp Wraps, the price is competitive because Higher Standards’ Hemp Wraps are handmade in the Dominican Republic.

Higher Standards x Five Leaf Clover Glass Beaker Bong

Higher Standards’ Beaker Bong collaboration with Five Leaf Clover costs $180.

If we compare this Beaker Bong with another on the market, it’s surely ROOR’s Little Sista which costs $171. Although ROOR’s Little Sista is technically $9 cheaper, the HS x Five Leaf Clover Beaker Bong is limited to 260 editions.

In other words, Higher Standards is offering a comparable beaker bong for nearly the same price while being limited in availability.

Jonathan Adler x Higher Standards Coaster

Higher Standards and Jonathan Adler came together to create a unique coaster set that cost $80.

The little things count, and this handmade high-fired porcelain coaster set ties the room together. There’s nothing classier than a glazed porcelain coaster set while passing a premium hemp wrap around the room.

Remember, this is a one-of-a-kind collaboration, making any other ashtray or coaster set from mass-produced sources out of the running. Although it’s a challenge to gauge the price of limited editions, it’s clear that the Jonathan Adler x Higher Standards Coaster set exudes competitive pricing and quality.

Sales, Discounts, and Promotional Deals at Higher Standards

Higher Standards appears to value its products like no other.

In other words, it’s not easy to find a sale or epic promotional coupon code from Higher Standards. This approach, in our opinion, acts as a double-edged sword.

On the one hand, clients of Higher Standards enjoy the status of owning a unique and high-quality glass piece. On the other, budget-minded customers are left grappling for a discount that may never appear.

However, we did find a few promotional deals and sales by trudging through Higher Standards’ social media (Facebook and Instagram). Below, we’ll provide a few examples that provide customers at Higher Standards with deals and promotions (deals subject to change).

As we mentioned above — the limited discount prospects at Higher Standards are hit or miss. On the one hand, we respect Higher Standards’ commitment to handcrafted quality. On the other, we hope Higher Standards provides more in-depth sales to help customers buy unique smoking products.

Social Justice Causes at Higher Standards

Higher Standards impressed us with their commitment to social justice causes.

As we all know — cannabis has been demonized for decades. As such, millions of individuals (specifically people of color) have been incarcerated because of simple marijuana possession.

Thus, it’s heartening to see The Last Prisoner Project x Higher Standards. The collaboration’s goal is to work towards freeing 40,000 cannabis prisoners in the United States through judicial means.

To raise funds, The Last Prisoner Project x Higher Standards collaborated to make a Heavy-Duty Spoon Pipe and the HS x LPP Shirt. All proceeds from the sales of each product are fully donated to the cause.

We believe that social justice in regard to cannabis is one of the most important causes. Therefore, we’re delighted to see Higher Standards working with other notable groups to fundraise money for the common good.

Ultimately, it’s not often that we see online smoke shops donate a significant amount of money to social justice projects.

Accepted Payment Methods at Higher Standards

Although there aren’t many discounts to shuffle through — the high-quality glass makes us want to throw money at Higher Standards.

However, we can only throw so much money unless there are a number of different payment methods. Higher Standards accept:

  • All major debit/credit cards
  • USPS money orders
  • Gift cards backed by Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express

However, we were disappointed that Higher Standards does not accept alternative payments, such as PayPal or cryptocurrency.

Shipping Methods at Higher Standards

Shipping is one of the most important aspects of an online smoke shop.

Thus, we set out to the task of determining whether Higher Standards’ shipping methods beat out the competition. Ultimately, we found that Higher Standards’ dedication to shipping is commendable and highly recommended.

Shipping Costs

All orders $25 and over receive free shipping within the United States.

Orders outside of the mainland USA (Alaska and Hawaii) have a minimum of $50 for free shipping. Most products at Higher Standards cost more than $25, making it easy to reach the free shipping mark.

The minimum order amount for Canadian customers is also $25.

Sadly, Higher Standards does not ship outside of the USA and Canada.

Shipping Speed

Higher Standards ships with USPS or FedEx.

Therefore, American and Canadian customers can expect their package to arrive within 2-3 business days. As long as customers order before 2:30 PM EST Friday, the order will ship the same day.

Additionally, we enjoy the fact that Higher Standards allows customers to pay additional money for expedited shipping.

Higher Standards’ Warehouse Locations

Currently, Higher Standards operates multiple warehouse locations to ensure rapid shipping times.

Higher Standards’ warehouse locations are:

  • Florida
  • New York
  • California
  • Canada

Discreet Packaging or Stealth Options

Higher Standards is a professional online smoke shop that understands discretion is a must-have feature.

All orders from Higher Standards are shipped in non-descriptive packaging to ensure customers feel safe while ordering smoking products.

Customer Service at Higher Standards Smoke Shop

Customer service is the backbone of the user experience.

Without helpful customer support, clients are left in the dark on their orders and unlikely to return. Thus, we took the time to review Higher Standards’ customer support to gauge how well they treat their customers.

Overall, we were very satisfied with Higher Standards’ customer service. From lengthy return windows to live chat boxes, HS elevates the customer support game by every measure.

Below, we’ll provide a few examples of specific aspects of Higher Standards’ customer support.

Return Policy

The return policy is the first place we looked because it’s typically the most common issue that impacts customers at online smoke shops.

Higher Standards boasts a 30-day return window as long as the items are in new and unused condition. Additionally, HS provides customers with an RMA to get the return off on the right foot.

Contacting Higher Standards

When it comes to communication, Higher Standards make it easy.

From email to a live chat box, it’s incredibly simple to get in touch with customer support to ensure your issue is resolved. Most notably, the live chat box gets customers in touch with support staff.

For us, live chat boxes are a convenient method because it’s easier to hop into a virtual chat instead of the phone. If the phone is your preferred means of communication, you’re in luck — Higher Standards offers a support number from Monday to Friday.

Broken or Lost Items

In the event that your package is lost/stolen or broken in transit — Higher Standards will make it right.

From full refunds to re-shipping your original order, you can rest assured that you’ll be satisfied by Higher Standards conduct.

Ultimately, Higher Standards are respected in the cannabis community. After investigating every aspect of the support policy at HS, we were duly impressed by their care for the cannabis community.

Our Final Thoughts on Higher Standards

When it comes to smoke shops or head shops — Higher Standards ranks among the best.

From impeccably blown glass made in the USA to rapid shipping speed, Higher Standards come highly recommended for anyone who considers themselves a glass connoisseur.

However, Higher Standards isn’t for everyone. From expensive products to niche products, Higher Standards targets cannabis enthusiasts with a big wallet compared to other online smoke shops.

Below, we’ll provide the pros and cons of Higher Standards.

  • Medical grade borosilicate glass
  • High-end collaborations with notable artists
  • Rapid shipping to the US and Canada
  • Unique product catalog
  • Easy to get free shipping
  • It’s not common to find discounts and coupon codes
  • Limited warranty
  • Do not ship internationally
  • Limited payment methods
  • Relatively high prices
  • Niche products
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