The Story of CNBS

The world of cannabis has a long history as well as a present that’s fast-paced and full of constant changes. Due to this, it can be difficult for cannabis consumers and people with questions to keep track of what’s what in terms of cannabis, how it works, how it can be used, as well as to separate marijuana fact from fiction.

Who Are We? A Word From The CEO

CNBS was established in 2015 as by me, John White. As I was the only crew member back then, I was in charge of just everything, from website design and social media management, to research and writing, resulting in relatively slow pace of progress as quality is not something I am willing to compromise on. We didn’t have a lot of web pages back then, but we did put a lot of work and effort into each of them.

In February 2019 I decided it’s time to go bigger, I felt like I have too much knowledge to share and I just can’t handle it all by myself, with so many low quality cannabis related websites it’s our time to shine! Low quality content can be found even on high quality and well know industry websites those days, which makes the task of finding reliable sources of information a bit challenging – this is why I decided to rebrand to CNBS and hire a crew of professionals, which are now working hard to create the best and most definitive online cannabis resource.

John White

The CNBS Team

John White (CEO)

John White - CEO

In love with this plant and passionate about educating on its benefits – John has been using cannabis to relief and manage his chronic pain for almost 15 years now. He is working as an external consultant in the private cannabis sector for more than 5 years, growing cannabis for personal use for almost 8 years, and in charge of doing research and proofreading our articles for factual correctness.

John is also responsible for brand relations, media/press, general website management, researching and replying to media requests, as well as for business and money related topics, like industry overviews and B2B guides.

John’s most popular articles (and categories):
The Cannabis Industry | Cannabis Consulting | Cannabis Organizations | History of Cannabis | Federal Legalization | Cannabis Types

Dorothy Harris (Content Manager)

Dorothy Harris

Dorothy is far from being a pot-head, actually when we first met her she wasn’t very familiar with cannabis at all. She comes from a scientific background and in charge of researching and writing our advanced scientific topics as well as our advanced medical topics, as their correctness is not something we are willing to compromise on – Dorothy specializes on top notch research, no stone is left unturned.

Dorothy is also an excellent content writer in general, she is an experienced copywriter and helps us structure our pages for maximum readability and language correctness.

Dorothy’s most popular articles (and categories):
Cannabinoids 101 | Cannabis Health | Decarboxylation 101 | Cannabis Terpenes | What is THC? | What is CBD? | The Entourage Effect

Clyde Jenkins (Content Writer)

Clyde Jenkins

Clyde is a former journalist and a cannabis connoisseur. He travels the world attending cannabis related events and consuming cannabis related media on daily basis, and in general very involved in the cannabis community. He is an expert in well researched journalistic writing which includes industry overviews, technology related topics, lifestyle and culture topics, product reviews, and in-depth buyer’s guides.

From common practices to what is currently hot and trending – when it comes to the practical side of this plant, Clyde is our guy.

Clyde’s most popular articles (and categories):
Cannabis Apps | Cannabis Events | Cannabis Tourism | Cannabis Technology | Rolling Papers | Weed Grinders | Weed Scales | Test Kits

Jason Oliver (Content Writer)

Jason Oliver

Jason is our master grower, been growing cannabis for almost 12 years and working in a commercial cannabis cultivation business as an external consultant for more than 3 years, he is our guy for everything related to cannabis seeds and cannabis cultivation in general.

As part of his job, he makes sure to stay up-to-date with everything related to cannabis cultivation. From reading new researches to attending cannabis cultivation related events all over the world – Jason is our guy for both practical and theoretical cultivation knowledge.

Helping us with getting all the facts right, Jason shares his knowledge with in depth grower’s and buyer’s guides which are advanced but yet easy to read and understand.

Jason’s most popular articles (and categories):
Cannabis Facts | Concentrates & Extracts | Cannabis Seed Banks | Best Cannabis Seeds | Cannabis Seeds Guide | Fruity Pebbles Seeds

The CNBS Mission

There are many organizations dedicated to promoting cannabis legalization around the world. They usually have at least few lawyers on-board and specializes in local and federal laws as well as protests and lobbying – they are working hard to promote full legalization of cannabis – both for medical and recreational use. While we are very supportive towards these goals – we are trying to create something different.

The mission of CNBS is to promote and educate about this plant with definitive information resources for those hoping to learn more about cannabis-related topics. Cannabis legalization has gone a long way, and we believe we are very close to “the day after” – when cannabis is fully legal, at least in most of the western countries. We believe this is the right time to start putting our focus on educating the public, both for responsible consumption and both for knowing the different options and benefits this plant brings, both for medical and recreational use.

While currently our editorial efforts are focused around the website (and its future app), putting everything together, covering all the main cannabis related topics, and making sure everything is well researched and well written – we are also planning to launch a series of educational seminars and events, both for individuals and businesses.

CNBS Platforms:

Currently our website is our main medium, but it won’t stay this way for too long. Here are our current (and future) platforms: Website is a magazine, nor a blog, we don’t have 1000’s of pages and we don’t publish 5 new articles each day.

Instead, we focus on selected key topics, giving each page the full attention it deserves. We keep updating and polishing our pages, nothing is “set-and-forget”, some of our pages were originally published in 2015, and since then were modified and updated again and again by various content writers and editors.

CNBS’ website is not about the quantity, it’s about the quality. We don’t produce posts, we produce 101 guides.

Each article involves extensive research in order to provide up-to-date and accurate facts and information. Resources used include raw data from studies, articles from scholarly and peer-reviewed journals, government department and research center websites, articles published by educational institutions, as well as credible and reputable news sources. The site has a wide range of informational topics as well as product guides that cannabis consumers may find helpful. The CNBS mission is to offer carefully-researched facts and guides that visitors can rely on when they have marijuana-related questions.

CNBS Social Channels

Although we do have big future plans for our social channels, we are currently focused on the website itself. Thus, at the moment our social channels are only “semi-active”, we publish mainly new pages as well as pages that were just been re-polished (website updates).

Follow us for brand updates, website updates, as well as general industry news:

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