Juicy Jay’s Rolling Papers: The Juiciest Review Ever

As the world’s most popular brand of flavored rolling papers, how does Juicy Jay's stack up on flavor selection, quality, and other characteristics?
Last Modified: March 07, 2019

Any online search of flavored rolling papers for weed will likely include a few references to Juicy Jay’s papers in the results. Juicy Jay’s is a top-selling worldwide brand of flavored cigarette papers that gets a lot of attention from roll-your-own (RYO) enthusiasts. But, is it worth spending your hard-earned money on these skins? Check out this review to learn more about Juicy Jay’s quality, selection, and other important attributes.

How Juicy Jay’s Differs from Other Flavored Papers

While Juicy Jay’s is one of many flavored paper brands for cannabis lovers, it sets itself apart from the competition in several ways.


Firstly, Juicy Jay’s describes itself as “fully-flavored,” which means the entire paper is flavored rather than just the gum strips, unlike many of its competitors. As a result, their paper excites not only the taste buds on the tongue but also taste buds underneath the tongue, on the roof of the mouth, and on the lips.

The mouthwatering flavor of a Juicy Jay’s paper is left on your lips after the smoke. The fruity skins really taste like fresh fruit too. There is also mentholcandy, and liquor-inspired flavors.

Triple-Dipped System

Juicy Jay flavors are not overpowering either; instead, Juicy Jay’s papers complement the natural flavors of the marijuana inside the joint. The taste downplays any harsh flavor within the herbs for a smooth smoke. This experience is achieved through Juicy Jay’s original “triple dipped” flavoring system.

The method is designed to safely infuse the whole paper with yummy flavors, such as green appleblackberry, or banana. The paper is dipped three times and soaked in the flavor for more than a week to infuse it completely for a tasty experience when you smoke it. As a result, you get three times the flavor of any other skins available in 2019.

Printed Papers

Another difference you will notice when you buy Juicy Jay’s brand is that their papers are printed with the images of the corresponding flavor on them; for example, the raspberry rolling papers feature raspberries all over them. The images are printed with soy-based ink.

Natural Skins

Lastly, the papers are made of hemp and use natural sugar gum. In other words, they are all natural, which is great to know if you are an environmentally-conscious cannabis devotee.

The History of Juicy Jay’s

Juicy Jay’s is a U.S. brand and part of Rolling Supreme, which is a leader in RYO products. The Juicy Jay’s name comes from the founder’s nickname in the late 1980s. Picture a group of friends hanging out in New York City and riding in a Mustang GT. After one particular day spent cruising Farmers Boulevard in Queens with the top down and looking for their hero, singer LL Cool Jay, the car’s owner earned the moniker “Cool Jay”.

Fast forward about ten years, when Cool Jay was looking for a name for his new menthol papers. He decided to call them Cool Jay’s. Then came the Watermelon Flavor, which he called Juicy Jay’s Watermelon as an ode to his long-time nickname. The name Juicy Jay’s stuck and many more flavors were given this same name.

In 2019, Juicy Jay’s has become one of the best-known brands in the flavored rolling paper industry. The papers are made in Spain and are smoked around the globe.

Juicy Jay Flavors

Juicy Jay’s has more than 30 flavors for the RYO devotee. If you love sweets, satisfy your craving in a new way with the Juicy Jay’s LiquoriceMilk Chocolate, or Birthday Cake rolling papers. Or, if you want a fruit flavor instead, try the classic CoconutGrapeBlueberryMango, or Watermelon varieties.

For mint lovers, Greenleaf might become your go-to rolling paper to buy online. There are alcohol-inspired skins too, such as Jamaican Rum. And these aren’t even all of the Juicy Jay flavors! The brand most definitely has a great selection.

All-Natural Rolling Papers

The papers don’t have the bleach and chemicals of some other brands, so you needn’t worry about what you’re inhaling. In other words, they’re all-natural. Also, the hemp material makes for a gentler smoke – both on the lungs and throat – than joints full of chemicals from some competitors.

As for the printing on the paper, it is done with soy-based ink. The paper has a special watermark that prevents running, which eliminates any possible concerns regarding consuming the ink. Overall, Juicy Jay’s rolling papers burn slowly and evenly for a pleasant smoking session.

Juicy Jay’s Taste and Aroma

Whichever Juicy Jay’s flavor you choose, they taste and smell like the fruit or other selected flavor in the pack. While you expect the flavoring element, the matching scent is a nice addition by the brand and provides a well-rounded smoking experience.

Many customers also appreciate Flavored Rolling Paper Sampler Kits that allow smokers to try out the different tastes without having to buy five different packs, which can get expensive. Each pack is individually-sealed so that the flavors won’t mix.

As the papers are triple-dipped, you a nice pop of flavor with every hit, unlike with other brands with faint flavor because they only add it at the gum line. With Juicy Jay’s, the sweetness stays on your lips. Plus, as these papers are made of hemp, you’ll no longer have to deal with that odd paper aftertaste that accompanies some other brands.

Sizes of Juicy Jay’s Papers

Juicy Jay’s papers come in a range of sizes so you can always find the size you’re used to smoking. All of the popular sizes are available. They are:

 Juicy Jay’s 1 1/4 Size Rolling Papers

Also known as 125 rolling papers, the 1 1/4 size papers are available in many great Juicy Jay flavors. In fact, there are more than 30 flavors, including those listed above, as well as Maple Syrup and Marshmallow, to name just two more.

Buy OnlineJuicy Jay’s 1 1/4 Flavored Rolling Papers

Juicy Jay’s 1 1/4 Superfine Rolling Papers

For extra fine papers, you may want to buy Juicy Jay’s 1 1/4 Superfine Rolling Papers. Enticing flavors include BlackberryliciousGreenleafWhite GrapeBlueberry HillSticky CandyVanilla Ice, and Wham Bam Watermelon. The Superfine line was created due to demand from the Juicy Jay’s fans. They are very thin and see-through. Each pack is sealed to keep them fresh.

Buy Online: Juicy Jay’s 1 1/4 Superfine Rolling Papers.

Juicy Jay’s 1 1/4 Menthol Rolling Papers

Most brands carry a menthol paper. Juicy Jay’s carries three! There is Black Magic MentholiciousTrip Green, and Cool Jays. Get a cool, fresh experience by smoking your weed with a menthol paper.

Juicy Jay’s 1 1/2 Size Rolling Papers

As the Juicy Jay’s 1 1/2 rolling papers are not as popular amongst users as 1 1/4 or King Size, they are harder to find online. When you do locate them, you’ll find that they also come in different Juicy Jay flavors such as the ever-popular Raspberry. An obvious benefit of going with the 1 1/2 rather than 1 1/4 size is that you get a wider joint.

Juicy Jay’s King Size Rolling Papers

Fit more weed into the rolling paper and enjoy the smoke by buying Juicy Jay’s Flavored King Size Papers. There are 20 flavors as of 2019, including GrapeJamaican RumMello MangoVery CherryStrawberry KiwiBlackberry Brandy, and Double Dutch Chocolate.

Buy Online: Juicy Jay’s King Size Rolling Papers

Juicy Jay’s Single Wide Rolling Papers

Buy Juicy Jay’s hemp paper in the classic size and have several different flavors literally at your fingertips. Try the Liquorice Single Wide, for example, which has an identical flavor and scent to real licorice. The taste balances nicely with your favorite strain. Unfortunately, there are no other single-wide flavors available for this brand.

Juicy Jay’s Papers: The Quality

As Juicy Jay’s papers are made of hemp, they are thicker than rice varieties (unless you buy the Superfine variety). An advantage of the thicker paper is that it is easier to roll than some other brands. With thinner papers, you get less grip and risk them collapsing on you; these issues won’t occur with Juicy Jay’s 1 1/4 or King Size papers. Also, thicker papers are known as “free burning” for a good reason; they burn on their own and remain lit.

It’s also nice that Juicy Jay’s uses a plant-based glue on the gum line. The natural choice is clearly better than chemicals when it comes to what you put into your body. The only drawback is that this type of glue won’t stick if you get it overly wet. As a result, your joint won’t seal properly and you can’t light it. This experience is frustrating, – as most RYO devotees can attest.

But, overall, Juicy Jay’s papers burn well and they are composed of hemp, which many people prefer over rice or chemical-laden skins. No trees have been cut for the papers, which is excellent from an eco-friendly viewpoint. While it’s up to you what you inhale, lots of folks prefer the idea of all-natural papers rather than consuming chemicals.

Buy Online: Juicy Jay’s Flavored Rolling Products 2019 Catalog

Juicy Jay’s Pre-Rolled Cones

Another term for these cones is Juicy Jay’s Jones. They come already rolled for you, which is helpful if you have joint pain that makes rolling them yourself difficult or if you haven’t yet perfected the art of rolling.

Juicy Jay’s Jones come in a 1 1/4 Size (90mm length). They come in two-cone packs, and each pack is re-sealable, so they stay fresh even if you just have one at a time.

Reusable Dank 7 Tip Included

Included with each pack of two Juicy Jay’s Jones is a reusable wood Dank 7 tip. It is called Dank 7 because it has been left for seven days to infuse all of the flavor. The cones have the unique triple dip flavor system too, so they taste awesome. These cones are a blend of rice and hemp.

Pre-Rolled Cones Flavors

The pre-rolled cones come in BlackberryBlueberryGoomba Grape, and Watermelon. Get the full flavor in each and every Jones. The cones are a bit more expensive than rolling papers, but you benefit from getting the same size for every toking session, which is great.

Buy Online: Juicy Jay’s Jones Flavored Pre-Rolled Cones

More Options: Rolls, Blunt Wraps & Flavornator Drops

Juicy Jay’s offers more than just rolling papers and pre-rolled cones. There are also rolls, blunt wraps, and flavoring drops called Flavornator drops. Here is more about each one:

 Juicy Jay’s Rolls

Roll exactly the length you want your smoke to be when you buy Juicy Jay’s 1 1/2 rolls. The hemp rolls come in a range of Juicy Jay flavors, from Peaches & Cream to Banana or Blueberry.

Juicy Jay’s also carries unflavored rolls, such as the Unflavored Blue Roll that is 7 meters long and 53mm wide. While Juicy Jay’s specializes in flavored papers, it’s nice that they also have unflavored options; the combination means they appeal to a wider spectrum of smokers.

Buy Online: Juicy Jay’s Flavored 1 1/2 Paper Rolls

Juicy Jay’s Blunt Wraps

Juicy Jay’s blunt wraps burst with flavor, thanks to the triple-dip system. Every blunt is individually wrapped so that it stays fresh until you add in the marijuana.

When you want a thicker and richer smoking experience, consider buying one of these herbal blend blunt wraps. Juicy wraps come in a huge array of juicy flavors, including Strawberry, Tropical Passion, and Jamaican Rum. The glue strip makes them easy to roll too.

Buy Online: Juicy Jay’s Flavored Blunt Wraps

Juicy Jay’s Flavornator Drops

Also known as Juicy Drops, Flavornator Drops are designed to enhance the flavor of your weed. Juicy drops are made of food-grade ingredients and come in almost 20 flavors, including Mango, Creamsicle, Blue Raspberry, Cinnamon Sugar, Apple Rasperry, Chocolate, and Coconut.

Buy OnlineJuicy Jay’s Flavornator Drops

Packaging & Price Review

There is no mistaking what flavor you are buying when you pick Juicy Jay’s papers, as the colorful packaging clearly displays the taste inside it. The packages are not dull – that’s for sure. The same type of packaging applies to the papersrollspre-rolled conesdrops, and blunt wraps.

This type of package has both pros and cons. On the positive side, it’s appealing, and you won’t wind up buying or reaching for a different product than you expected. However, there is no such thing as discreet when you choose this brand because it’s so loud and boldly-designed.

The packaging contains a lot of information for the smoker who takes the time to read it. Inside each of the packages are interesting facts about the brand, and the triple-dip method is quoted on the back of each package. Plus, every pack is sealed for freshness.

As for price, Juicy Jay’s papers cost a little more than the average rolling paper because of the addition of the flavor. But when you buy from Rolling Paper Depot, you will get affordable prices and can even price-match with them.

Buy Online: Juicy Jay’s Flavored Rolling Products 2019 Catalog

Where to Buy Juicy Jay’s Rolling Papers Online

Now that you’ve learned all about the variety of flavored papers from Juicy Jay’s, the next question is, where is a reliable place to buy them online? With so many suppliers available, making a decision about where to shop can be overwhelming. Rather than just randomly picking a headshop where you might or might not receive the product and they might overcharge you, it is ideal to know who you are dealing with beforehand.

Rolling Paper Depot

Thankfully, we’ve done the research for you. Rolling Paper Depot (RPD)is one of the most highly-recommended online shops for buying Juicy Jay’s papers (or any other brand of skins, for that matter) in 2019. RPD is an Arizona-based head shop that dates back to 2006. They ship worldwide and accept credit cards as payment. Their top features are:

Large Selection

This headshop has one of the biggest selections of rolling papers of any store online. In addition to papers, you can also buy paper cones and papers on a roll. As the headshop caters to RYO enthusiasts, they also offer rolling trays, grinders, scales, and more, so you can pick up everything for your rolling routine, including your Juicy Jay’s papers, all at the same time.

Affordable Pricing

Another great feature of Rolling Paper Depot is the low prices. They keep prices low by having a small team of employees and selling many products by the box. They then pass the savings onto you, the buyer. For those who don’t want to buy their skins by the box, no worries! You can buy single packs instead, if you prefer.

Price Match

Also, even if you do find cheaper Juicy Jay’s papers or other RYO product elsewhere, just take advantage of Rolling Paper Depot‘s price match guarantee to get a better deal. If you find the same product elsewhere from an authorized dealer, simply show RPD the price and they will match it for you. This promise means that you won’t be overcharged on anything you buy there.

Worldwide Shipping

Rolling Paper Depot ships to many countries around the world. They send packages to the United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Australia, Canada, Germany, China, Norway Greece, Italy, Denmark, France, and Sweden. The company accepts credit cards through their SSL-secured website; you can use MasterCard, Discover, Visa, or American Express.


Rolling Paper Depot is also reliable. They ship within 24 hours or the next business day if you place your order on the weekend. Discreet shipping is included for every order, without charging you an extra fee to do so, unlike some competitors. The product you receive is genuine, so you needn’t worry about getting a knock-off in the mail.

Rolling Paper Depot:

Overall Review of the Juicy Jay’s Brand

Juicy Jay’s is widely recognized for its high quality and amazing selection of flavors for rolling papers and its other options (rollsdropscones, and wraps) that appeal to a wide range of people. While many people may assume they only carry classic fruits, they’d be surprised to discover that Juicy Jay’s also offers unusual flavors in addition to the highly sought-after fruit flavors like raspberry and grape. There are even menthol papers and unflavored rolls.

Most of the papers are sweet and aromatic without being over-the-top. Juicy Jay’s skins deliver on their promise to provide triple the taste of other flavored rolling papers available in 2019.

Juicy Jay’s papers are thick, which makes them easy to roll. As the papers are natural, they create a more mellow smoke than the ones filled with chemicals and bleach. In the end, you get a paper that burns slowly and smoothly.

As for the flavors themselves, they’ve got a wide enough range to appeal to all individual preferences. Someone who doesn’t enjoy chocolate may find their mentholated papers refreshing. Another person might like Blueberry but not Green Apple, for example; it all depends on each person’s unique palate.

When smoking cannabis wrapped in a Juicy Jay’s paper, you’ll notice that most of them leave a sweet taste on the lips. They have great flavor, so the word “Juicy” in the name is not disappointing; yes, the brand really does deliver yummy taste that’s become beloved by RYO fans.

Conclusions about the Juicy Jay’s Brand

Most weed connoisseurs find that Juicy Jay’s flavored rolling papers can be fun to smoke occasionally as a change from regular skins. Juicy Jay’s offers high-quality papersrollsdropscones, and wraps in many flavors and sizes, giving you many options.
Indeed, your biggest decision may be which flavor to buy. It’s recommended to try different flavors until you find the ones you like best. A flavored sampler pack is a great way to start or buy single packs online from Rolling Paper Depot. Have fun with the juicy experience!

If you’d like to read up on the various rolling paper brands, sizes, shapes, and more, check out this Rolling Papers Buyer’s Guide to learn more.

Buy Online: Juicy Jay’s Flavored Rolling Products 2019 Catalog

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