What Are You Really Taking? The Most Reliable Drug Test Kits of 2019

From cannabis to cocaine, buying the most reliable drug test kits in 2019. Test for general identification, purity, and cuts.
Last Modified: February 07, 2019

More and more these days, drugs are being cut with various substances. Some of them are harmless, simply meant to add weight or mimic the appearance of the actual drug. Others aren’t so safe and can make you sick…or worse.

Before you ingest something, it’s important to know what you’re putting into your body. This can prevent you from having a really bad experience…and can even save your life. But how can you possibly know what’s in that pill or baggie without sending it off to a lab? With portable technology available in 2019, there’s no reason for that. With drug test kits, you can easily find out at home.

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What Are Drug Test Kits and How Do They Work?

When you buy a drug test kit, you harness the power of knowing exactly what’s in a substance before you swallow it, smoke it, or snort it. It only takes one slipup to make someone incredibly ill or even kill them. When you’re not comfortable relying on the word of someone else—especially if that someone is the person you purchased the product from—drug test kits can give you real peace of mind.

These days, drug test kits are fairly straightforward and easy to use. For the majority of them, you’ll simply break open the ampoule included in the package. The test kit chemicals are already inside. Place a small sample of your substance inside the ampoule, close it, and shake it up. You’ll then be able to compare the color of the liquid inside to the results indicated on the included color chart.

Depending on what type of test you get, the results will reveal one of two things. They’ll either let you know whether or not the material you have tests positive for a particular substance (“Does this pill really contain ecstasy?”) or they’ll let you know the purity of the substance in question (“Has this ‘cocaine’ been cut with something else?”). Before purchasing, you need to be clear on whether or not you would like to test a substance for the presence of a particular drug or chemical (like THC) or if you’d like to determine whether a particular substance has been mixed with something else to make it heavier.

A third type of at-home drug test kit specifically deals with cannabis. These will reveal the cannabinoids present in various strains of marijuana. Do you have a strain that’s supposed to be low in THC but incredibly high in CBD? An at-home cannabis test kit will let you know for sure.

The three best-known drug test kits for these purposes are EZ Test Kits, Test Kit Plus, and Alpha Cat. Here’s the basic rundown on each.

Test Kit Plus

Harm reduction has always been the goal of the founders of Test Kit Plus (testkitplus.com). They realized that most drug users are recreational users. Plenty of online videos show how easy it is to fool individuals by creating counterfeit pills at home. By creating their line of drug test kits, Test Kit Plus hoped to save lives by allowing people to educate themselves in order to make informed choices about what they put in their bodies.

Test Kit Plus has a variety of clients that range from private individuals to government agencies, medical centers and harm reduction organizations. Like EZ Test Kits, their drug test kits offer options that test for the presence of specific ingredients (such as THC or opiates), as well as ones that test for drug purity.

The factor that differentiates Test Kit Plus from their competitors is a focus on putting out very professional products. While they do have drug test kits that are good for use on the go, they also feature multiple-use phials and bottles of testing solution for numerous tests – perfect for consumers who would like precise, professional-quality drug test equipment.

EZ Test Kits

EZ Test Kits (eztestkits.com) were created in order to take drug testing out of the realm of forensic laboratories and give the power to private individuals. Their drug test kits were the first that were available on the market for the at-home user. Over the years, they’ve added to their lineup. In 2019, they are offering kits that test for the presence of everything from THC and benzos to MDMA, as well as kits that check the purity of cocaine and heroin.

Cannabinoid Test Kits (Cannabis Potency Tests)

Cannabinoids are the active ingredients in marijuana, and it’s impossible to know the percentages in a sample without lab testing it. For those who have questions about their cannabis, there are a wide variety of marijuana test kits that can provide answers. The Alpha-CAT Cannabinoids Testing Kit is one of the most thorough cannabinoid test kits on the market today. While EZ Test Kits and Test Kit Plus simply provide a yes or no answer to whether or not there is THC in a substance, Alpha-CAT test kits specialize in telling you how much THC is in a substance. Not only that; you’ll be able to determine the levels of other cannabinoids, as well.

Alpha-CAT kits give you the option to test for: Cannabidiol (CBD), Cannabinol (CBN), Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV), Cannabigerol (CBG), and Cannabichromene (CBC).

Even legal dispensaries make incorrect claims about the makeup of certain strains they’re selling. The truth is that without laboratory testing, they can’t know for sure. With Alpha-CAT cannabinoids Test kits, you can.

Their two basic kits test for THC and CBD, while their MOBILE LAB Alpha-CAT test for all the cannabinoids listed above. All you need to get started is a sample of cannabis or cannabis-infused products, a well-ventilated working area, and a digital scale. Use the calibration charts from the kit to size up the final color in the test vials to find out what’s inside.

Now that we’ve covered the basics of Alpha Cat testing kits, let’s look at each individual kind and why buyers would choose one over the other.

Alpha-CAT Cannabinoid Test Kits

As mentioned before, Alpha-CAT is the king of cannabis testing. When you frequently need to test cannabis to rule out synthetics, buying and having an Alpha-CAT on hand is the best way to get fast answers.

While they do provide the option of purchasing their MOBILE LAB Alpha-CAT and it is a very cool system, let’s be honest: It’s insanely expensive and gives way more information than the average at-home cannabis tester is looking for. Most folks won’t need more than their Mini Kit (which is good for 2 to 8 tests) or their Regular Kit (which works for 10 to 40 tests).

While these two won’t test for the wide range of cannabinoids that the MOBILE LAB Alpha-CAT looks for, they do test for the two most important ones: THC and CBD. Whether you’re looking to regulate your high (either by getting blown sky high or because too much THC makes you feel jittery) or you need a strain that’s truly high in CBD for medical purposes, the two basic tests have you covered.

Alpha-CAT testing kits will work on various forms of cannabis, from bud to BHO and resin. All you’ll need to get started is your Alpha-CAT test kit, a sample of cannabis, a digital weighing scale, and a well-ventilated work area. The latter is because the test kits include bottles of chlorinated hydrocarbons. In addition to ensuring that your work area is ventilated, you should be sure to wear the protective gloves included with the kit.

Alpha Cat test kits has everything needed to test a sample and decipher the results, from test plates to developing jars, dipping trays, vials, tubes, test fluids, a manual guide and calibration charts. There’s no more reason for guesswork when it comes to knowing exactly what’s in your cannabis.

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THC Identification Test Kits

“Is there really THC in this…or does it contain something else?” Well, you could simply smoke it and find out. (Spoiler: If you’re unsure, this is a bad idea.) Or you could pop a sample of it in one of the EZ-Test THC Identification Kit ampoules, shake it, and find out before using yourself as a human guinea pig. EZ Test Kits really are one of the most fast and affordable ways of testing any substance for THC.

Just break open the top of the ampoule and pop a quick sample of the substance inside. Close it and shake it. A quick check of the color change chart will tell you if there’s THC in your sample.

If you need to do a one-time test, EZ sells individual tests kits for THC. If you frequently find yourself asking how much THC is in that bag of herb or concentrate, you can buy an affordable pack of 10 test kits so that you’ll always have one on hand. EZ Test kits are one of the most convenient and affordable ways to identify THC quickly and easily.

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Synthetic Cannabinoids Identification Test Kits

Has your cannabis been mixed with something less desirable? Synthetic cannabinoids mimic the effect of natural cannabinoids. However, synthetics can be stronger (as much as 100 times stronger than THC) and incredibly addictive and dangerous. If natural bud is your thing, you want to stay well away from synthetics—and in &&currentyear%%, synthetics are everywhere.

When you want to make sure your cannabis is pure, buying a Synthetic Cannabinoids Identification Test Kit is the only way to be certain. EZ Test Kits provides a way to check for synthetic cannabinoids such as Spice, K2, and herbal incense such as JWH-250 and AM-694, among others.

The synthetic cannabinoids drug test kits are just as simple to use as all of the others made by EZ Test Kits. Simply pop open the ampoule and drop in a sample of the substance in question. Close it and mix it up. The provided color chart will tell you if the sample contains synthetic cannabinoids. Get a 1-pack test kit to perform occasional tests or a 10-pack if you need to buy in bulk.

Cocaine Drug Test Kits

Most drug test manufacturers don’t encourage illicit activity, but are pro-education and pro-safety when it comes to drug consumption. Their goal is simply to provide the information and tools necessary to help people make informed decisions about the substances they put in their bodies.

This is why there are test kits available to test a wide variety of drugs, including cocaine. With all of the dangerous substances that are being sold as pure “drugs,” it pays to be educated. Buying a cocaine test kit, for example, is a small investment to make in order to avoid disaster.

Cutting agents are all too common in cocaine. One of the most common chemicals used to cut it is benzocaine. This is because it numbs the gums—something that pure cocaine also does. Dealers often cut cocaine with lidocaine to produce the same numbing effect. These are relatively cheap ingredients that can be sold for many, many more times their value when they’re mixed in and sold as “cocaine.” All of this makes it incredibly hard to know if a benzocaine-cut powder is the real deal.

EZ-Test Cocaine Drug Test Kits:

Another common cocaine cutting agent to test for is Levamisole. While this ingredient somewhat mimics the effects of cocaine, it’s nasty stuff. For one, it’s a veterinary medicine that’s commonly used to de-worm livestock. And then there’s the fact that it can suppress the production of white blood cells and causes skin necrosis. For those who are unfamiliar, that last bit means that it will make you look like a walking, talking zombie.

If you have questions about cocaine, a cocaine purity drug test will tell you the content of actual cocaine in a substance. EZ Test Kits makes cocaine purity drug test kits that work similarly to their other kits in that they feature vials with test liquid inside that changes color according to the purity of the sample you place inside. The more intense the color change, the more cocaine is in the sample. They include a chart to help guide you in deciphering the results. If you need more than one test, you can save a bit by purchasing a 10-pack of EZ-Test cocaine purity test kits.

TestKitPlus Cocaine Drug Test Kits:

Test Kit Plus also sells a 10-pack of cocaine purity tests that are priced similarly to the ones from EZ Test Kit. They work on a similar color-change basis.

Both companies also sell a Cocaine Cuts Test Kit that can test your sample for some of the dangerous ingredients (levamisole, phenacentine, and ephedrine) with which cocaine is frequently cut. While the test will not react at all to uncut cocaine, it will change colors if it’s been cut with any of the three aforementioned dangerous ingredients. The test also looks for ingredients such as acetaminophen, vitamin C, ibuprofen, lidocaine, benzocaine, and procaine.

For a more basic test to determine if any given substance contains cocaine, Test Kit Plus and EZ Test Kits both sell kits that test for the presence of cocaine, crack cocaine, 5-MeO MiPT, and MDPV. The liquid in the vial will change colors if the sample you test contains any of the above. As with their other tests, EZ Test Kits offers this test as a single or a 10-pack.

Cocaine Purity Test Kits:
Cocaine Identification Test Kits:
Cocaine Cuts Test Kits:

MDMA / Ecstasy Drug Test Kits

What about that “ecstasy” pill you’re about to take? MDMA is the active ingredient in ecstasy/Molly. How can you tell if a pill really contains MDMA? And even if it does, how much is in there—was it cut with other synthetic substances? A MDMA/ecstasy test kit can offer quick answers.

A lot of the ecstasy on the market today contains DXM, or dextromethorphan. Commonly found in cough suppressant medications, DXM makes people feel woozy and can make them susceptible to heat stroke if they exert themselves too much. Other samples often contain PMA, a toxic chemical that’s much stronger than MDMA and has made headlines after causing numerous deaths.

EZ-Test MDMA / Ecstasy Drug Test Kits:
How do you find out if a pill or powder contains anything besides the MDMA you’re expecting? If you’ve been following the thread, here, you already know the only way to find out: buy a drug test kit! Marquis test kits are designed to give you insight into a full range of substances that a pill or powder could contain.

To find out if a pill contains any MDMA at all, try an MDMA/Ecstasy Identification test kit. Test Kit Plus makes a handy test that will turn various colors based on the presence of substances. These tests are great in that they go beyond the simple question of whether or not there is MDMA in the sample; they actually let you know what else is in it, as well.

Does your sample contain MDMA, DXM, or amphetamine? Simply put your sample and 1 to 2 drops of testing liquid in the vial and find out in a minute or less. EZ Test Kits makes a similar kit with the testing liquid already included inside a sealed ampoule. Their kits (available in a single pack or a 10-pack) test for various forms of ecstasy, DXM, amphetamine, methylone, butylone, naphyrone, 2C-B/C/I, DOB, DOI, and opiates (see links below).

TestKitPlus MDMA / Ecstasy Drug Test Kits:

For a more extensive analysis of your substance, check out the in-depth tests offered by Test Kit Plus. Their Ketamine/PMA Test Kit checks for those two substances, as well as heroin, mescaline, codeine, Ritalin, and others. The Opiates (Mecke) Test Kit tests for the presence of opiates like heroin, morphine, and codeine, as well as substances such as DXM and more.

EZ Test Kits also makes a test that goes beyond their basic Ecstasy drug test kit. Their Ketamine Drug Testing Kit checks for items that Ecstasy is commonly cut with, including amphetamine, ketamine, PMA, 2-amino-indane, and Ritalin. The test sample will change color according to what’s inside.

To simply test the purity/concentration of MDMA in a substance, both companies make tests that change color according to the amount of MDMA in the sample you provide. EZ Test Kits make tests in single packs or 10-packs, while Test Kit Plus offers a MDMA (Molly) Purity Test Kit with enough supplies included for 10 tests. As with their other purity tests, a stronger color change indicates a higher content of MDMA.

MDMA/Ecstasy Purity Test Kits:
MDMA/Ecstasy Identification Test Kits (Marquis Test):
MDMA/Ecstasy Identification Test Kits (Mecke Test):
MDMA/Ecstasy Identification Test Kits (Folin Test):
  • TestKitPlus Folin A/B Test Kit – Differentiate between MDMA, MDA, & MDE. 50/100 Tests per Pack. Should be used after testing with Marquis or Mecke.
Ketamin/PMA Identification Test Kits (Mandelin Test):
MDMA/Ecstasy Cuts Test Kits:
TestKitPlus Drug Tests Bundles:
TestKitPlus Drug Test Kit Bundles:

LSD Drug Test Kits

The final lineup of test kits available to consumers is LSD drug test kits. LSD is a tough substance to make, which is why the market is flooded with a lot of fake, synthetic “LSD” products. This can result in people taking dangerous psychedelic amphetamines such as DOB, DOI, 2C-I-NBOMEe and others. Testing can help sort out the real from the fake—potentially saving lives.

The LSD (Ehrlich) tests made by EZ Test Kits look for the presence of LSD, as well as other indoles such as DMT, 5-MeO-DMT (otherwise known as Foxy Methoxy), 5-Meo-MiPT, 5-MeO-DiPT, Psilocybin, Psilocine, 3-acetoxy-DMT, as well as other ingredients. They come in packs of 1 or 10 and consist of sealed vials pre-filled with testing solution, as well as a color chart to help you decipher the results.

Test Kit Plus offers an LSD Test Kit that can accommodate 40 to 50 tests (for the regular size) or 80 to 100 tests (for the large size). Each kit comes with a multiple-use vial, testing fluid, a color chart, and instructions for the testing. This test will reveal the presence of LSD, DMT, 5-MeO-DMT, 5-MeO-DIPT, Psilocybin, Psilocin, AMT, as well as other ingredients.

Why Should I Spend Extra Money to Buy a Drug Test Kit?

As mentioned above, drug test kit manufacturers don’t condone illicit activity. However, people are still going to purchase and use various substances, education and harm reduction are important to keep the public safe.

Drug test kits help promote education and (hopefully) safety. Rather than just taking someone’s word that a powder or pill contains a specific active ingredient, they empower you to know what you’re putting in your body. By doing this, you can better avoid having a bad experience or dying as a result of ingesting something dangerous. Buying a drug test kit and keeping one on hand with you is a cheap insurance policy.

In recent years, there has been a big push to have drug testing available at music festivals and places where attendees frequently sneak drugs through security. Event organizers are typically frightened of the liability issues that this creates for them and refuse to do anything they see as encouraging drug use. Because of this, it’s up to individuals to be responsible and buy their own drug test kits. Most online headshops don’t sell drug test kits, so the best way to find them is to buy them directly from reputable manufacturers.

What if you’ve purchased your drugs legally? Even if you’re legally purchasing cannabis from a local dispensary, buying and properly using drug test kits gives you the ability to know what’s really in them. Has the dispensary lab tested their product to ensure that it’s extremely low (or high) in THC? Is that bud truly a CBD-rich strain? Find out before you continue spending your money with them.

Specific drug test kit manufacturers have become well-known for offering products that are high-quality and reliable. For more professional, laboratory-style drug test kits, TestKitPlus is an excellent choice. Meanwhile, EZTestKits focuses on making drug testing kits that are easily portable and highly accurate. Both companies ship worldwide, so drug testing is available to you wherever you live.

No matter the substance that’s being tested, buying drug test kits is all about empowering people to make educated choices. And because the tests are accessible, affordable, and easy to use, there’s no reason not to put the power of information squarely in your own hands.

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Using any sort of illegal drugs is not recommended; some substances may be damaging to your health. The information presented here is for educational purposes only.


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